Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) rebranding

April 2017 sees the launch of the new branding for ICAEW: A revamped logo and colour scheme modernising the ancient symbol of Economia.

Out with the old….

ICAEW logo - OLD

And in with the new….

ICAEW logo - NEW

A modernisation and simplification of a symbol used by ICAEW since the coat of arms was granted in 1880. Economia actually dates back to a drawing in Iconologia by Cesare Ripa dating from 1603.

A translation of Ripa’s original text published in London in 1709 describes Economia as a ‘venerable dame’ and that the stick denotes ‘the rule a master has over his house’; the rudder ‘the care a father ought to have over his children’ and ‘prudence and moderation’. Granted a Royal Charter in 1880, the ICAEW is perhaps the venerable dame of governing bodies, and prudence and moderation are still watchwords in the code of ethics today.

The ICAEW is a modern institution with a longstanding history and the rebranding is designed to ‘reflect that we are an international, forward-thinking organisation … and ensure that we remain modern and relevant’ according to ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza.  The Economia symbol also ensures a strong link with our history.